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Hi Warren,
looks great! I had a good laugh at your family's dislikes all mentioning your music collection! :-) I hope that you are going to add descriptions of these albums, too. There are a few albums that you had on there that I have not heard before. I am especially interested in them, because all of the ones on there that I do have, I like alot.
One of the groups that I have not heard is Gravy Train.
talk to you later,
Proghisattva Dirk Evans
Thanks for an engrossing and entertaining hour of 100+ pages of album art. Even my old friends the "Good Rats" made your cut. Covers like "Mr. Fantasy" and Velvet Underground brought back old memories, while noting there was a UK group called "Nirvana" back in the 60's really floored me. Thanks again, 
Jennifer from N.Y.
Really nice collection! You have illustrations of a couple of albums I've heard of but never seen (Deviants, Open Mind, etc). 
The one that really jumped out at me was on page 21: England's self-titled album from 1976. As you presumably know, England's 1977 album Garden Shed is one of THE most sought-after British prog rock albums. I've never even heard a mention before that there was an earlier album! Is it the same band (Mike Henderson, Jode Leigh, Franc Holland, Robert Webb)? 
I suspect you've put some of these on your "all-time best" list just because of their considerable rarity. For example, do you really still listen to SRC's first album? It hasn't aged well! 
But many of your choices are inspired: Clouds' "Scrapbook",  Masters Apprentices' "Toast to Panama Red," the first Banco album, Orme's "Collage," Three Man Army, Stray, Art (that must be tough to find now! -- it wasn't easy to find when it came out), Beggar's Opera, Armageddon, Il Baleto di bronzo's incredible "Ys". What is sad, really, is that these really are some of the very very best rock albums ever recorded, and most of the people reading this list probably have never heard ANY of them. (Encouragingly, many of the albums on your list, including virtually all of the ones I mentioned, are available on CD.  SOME people must share our taste! Even Scrapbook is out on CD. It was released by BGO Records -- BGOCD317. It is sitting on my desk because I was just listening to it.) 
A number of the other albums on your best list have sat ignored in my collection for years. I think I'll pull some of them out and give them another listen. Thanks so much! 
Greg Ioannou
You site is well done but where are the greatest rock albums ever recorded (except QMS) ?
America ???
ELP ???
Deep purple ???
Uriah heep ???
Joe Walsh ???
Where are Can, Rolling stones, Dylan, Beatles, Hendrix, Love ....
i really like your new page,very nice with record covers,



You put a very,very well picked list in your site.But I swear I missed the Missing Link's Nevergreen album.Did you hear them yet?Of course it's a domestic edition the one I have,but with a great recording work. Anyway,a marvelous opus like this deserves to be matter the ways.


Paulo Pacheco,from Brazil.

Hi Warren,

Sharing artwork is a great idea!
As for your latest project, my suggestion would be to do the following:
1) Put it all in alphabetic order
2) Supply an index page to assist in navigation
I assume that nothing follows page 8 at this point?
I like what you've done so far and look forward to viewing the finished project.
Ron Mellot (Sizer)

What a great records you have!
Some of these LPs are that I'm looking for. I'm Japanese collector.
Please let me know if you can sell some of these at fair price.
Hi Warren ,
Your site looks very nice !
My only remark is that you should include 
a directory , so we can choose where to go.
Best proggy regards ,
Dário "IQ" Axelrud , BRAZIL
Hello Warren
I've just look at your site,interesting, with really beautiful sleeves.
Maybe it would be more useful if it would be alphabetical or thematic (by style or origin : country).
Also, Steemhammer was a british group but I think "Speech" was german only.
Can you put some australian psych & prog ?
All the best and have some energy (I know it's some work and time to do such a site)
Pascal Moru
Hi Warren,
Very cool web page you have there!  I didn't have time this morning to go through all the pages but it sure is a great idea putting up the cover art.
Hey,  I'm like you spending every spare dollar on music!  Back in the 80s I made a video of my record collections cover art but haven't been able to find it.  I'll do some more searching as there were a lot of interesting
covers. I could send it to you if I find it.
Let's do some more trades too if you want to.
Best Wishes,
hi warren,
your page belongs to the best album cover galeries i ever saw! i once read a notification by you in a NG and had a look and i was deeply impressed!
it was around that time i started to put some sleeve pics on my page, but i have no oversize scanner, so i only can scan CD covers, but no LP covers and most of the rarities from my collection are on 12" vinyl with 12" covers...
what i find is missing on your page is a bit more information on the records or just some links in the sleeve pics to follow to interesting sites in relation to the particular band/cover artist or whatever.
anyway - your work is great - go on forever and ever!!
greetings from germany
Hi Warren,

Thanks for the invitation of viewing your gallery of the best rock albums. Perhaps you should mention somewhere that the conferment is subjective, as many would wonder why their favourite albums were left out. Then there's the sticky dilemma of dealing with all the different forms of rock music, like psychedelia, progressive, jazz, pop, punk, just to name a few. From what I can tell, your gallery is predominated by acts from the first two descriptions.
But a good first(?) attempt. Let me know when you next update the site. I have some LP covers too which I wouldn't mind contributing, if you want.

Hi ;  I been to your web site and think it's a good idea !!!...
.... seen lots of good covers there but wouldn't call them 
the greatest , many will challenge you on that issue, i'll be 
putting your link on my music site The Rock - n - Roll Castle for people 
interested in album/CD covers .... Keep up the good work !!.
Not bad, you have Yes, Jethro Tull, ELP, Gentle Giant.  All you're missing is
Kansas' Leftoverture, something by mid-period Rush & Boston's debut ;-)
Could you tell me what the lyrics to Mellow Candle's Swaddling Songs are
generally about?  Thanks!
Jeff James
Man I enjoyed your list of favorite albums. I saw so many I used to have that I forgot about. Great list thanks a lot.

Steve Anderson

Damn Warren,
That's a fine page. You must be an HTML writin' fool, lol.
Hi, there!
I checked your site for the web ring code for THE Ring of Record Resellers, but I did not find any records for sale.  This ring is for dealers only, not worship sites.
Please advise - thanks!
I know its not too original of me but you really have to, in my view, stick some Beatles album in your collection/compilation.  I would choose Revolver, UK 1966. 
I hadn't see, or thought about, that Triumvirate record  in years.
Great job, great site.

Finally I found the paradise on the net!!!!
I'm very well satisfied with your title choose, despite I don't know all of them.
Finding titles in Brazil is hard. I don't know if it's good, but right now about 100 people in São Paulo, my town, are sharing your tips in your site.
For us, finding a site as yours is like finding a treasure because we can get the information (specially about early 70's bands) is the hardest thing (cd prices is a nigthmare too).
The picture I've sent to you is the first fruit of the research. (I bought Fuzzy Duck and Nektar last Saturday to taste your likes - and approved it). 
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