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People In Rock


Hi Warren,

I'm honored to have The Third Estate - Years Before The Wine on your list.  It's nice to know that something so obscure can reach so far.

Robert Everett, guitar player and songwriter

Interesting collection. Some were my favs, many I've never heard of. 
My name is John Baxter, I was guitarist with 70s heavy metal band BUFFALO. I must admit I was disappointed we didn't make your list but neither did a lot of other great Aussie bands such as- AC/DC, ANGELS, ROSE TATTOO, BLACKFEATHER, MEN AT WORK, MI SEX, etc etc. Perhaps an Aussie section? 
( I realise you had a couple) (I'd forgotten that Sid Rumpo ever existed, haven't heard them mentioned anywhere for 30 years or so)
I'm currently working on old tapes I've got for a possible belated (25 years) release old some live stuff I've got.
Quicksilver Messenger Service's album Happy Trails was a great rock guitar album and had a big influence on me. 
I don't know how you find the time to listen to all you have listed- you're a real music lover I would say.
Do you have any idea how many hits on your site you get?

John, have a look at pages 53 & 83.  That's where I put Volcanic Rock and Dead Forever respectively...;-)
- Warren

Hey Warren,

I played bass with Martin in Dark.  He made The Axeman Cometh.  Would you like to get in touch with him? 
What a fantastic load of pages!  They are great  -  many memories.  And to be in there with some of those bands  -  wow  -  what an honour.
(RONALD JOHNSON, bass player of DARK)

Dear Warren, 
re Elias Hulk, bass player by the name of, would you believe, "James William Nelson Haines" now has estate agency in London.  Gren Frasier Rhythm guitar now teaches, was recording with a band in Germany.  Big Pete Thorpe - conflicting stories od "Died - drugs" or ":Living in Spain".  Neil Tatum had a band called "Tatum" for a while. No other info about him.  Gren Frasier played with a band called "Jenny Hanns Lion" Support Quo on American tour many years ago.   Me, Have a music shop in south of England (Dorset) still play.  Allegedly the album sold over 30,000 over 20 years!!!!!   (Took 2 days to record entire Album) I received £9.50 in royalties, typical 70's contract, total rip off. Now available in CD form via Miles High Music by sheer coincidence!!!!  Owned by the same people that ran "Young Blood"!!!!! 
Cheers and thanks for the interest! 
Nice website, nice to see our album in your list.  Any further info you might require, please get in touch.
Bernie James (Elias Hulk)
Hi Warren, 

I played keyboards in Blessed End. I think I can speak for the band in saying how delighted we are that you think so highly of our album "Movin'On" that you would include it in such a list. Thanks for the compliment. If you'd like to learn more about the band our website is 

If you are interested in what I have doing in music for the last 29 years or so, visit my site at 

Steve Quinzi

Hi....  Visited your site...  Thanks for including our 'Sussex' album into
your mass of covers... Great site....


Marty Roth
Bent Wind