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Good Morning

This space is riddled with characters transforming the combustion inside my head into something meaningful to mortals like you. What I'm flogging here is no dead camel's back. I've got CDs collected and would wanna make money out of it for obvious reasons that I gotta survive on this planet of yours (am I on Earth or is this Uranus?). Any purchase you make will be considered a donation to support the forthcoming sojourners coming this way.

Vinyl    Glorious    Vinyl

 BUFFALO "dead forever" (1972) Australia.  Lauded by heavy progressive aficionados, this brilliant artifact put the Aussies on top of the food chain!
 BOBBY BROWN "The Enlightening Beam of Axonda" (1972) USA.  A Californian multi-instrumentalist using a wide range of homemade instruments.  Musically, this could be described as psychedelic folk & at their moments mystical.