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1972  Germany 
LP: Brain 1007 
CD:  Brain 517 737-2 (1992) 

Mani Neumeier  (drums, cymbals, gong, kalimba, vocals) 
Uli Trepte  (bass, radio, vocals) 
Ax Genrich  (guitar, vocals) 

1 oxymoron  10:33 
2 immer lustig  15:37 
3 baby cake walk  10:57 
4 ooga booga  11:11 

Technically superb album full of complex innovations revolving around Ax Genrich's explosive guitar-playing.

Frank  ZAPPA 
Hot Rats 
1969  USA 
LP:  Bizarre (RS 6356)

1 Peaches En Regalia 
2 Willie The Pimp 
3 Son Of Mr. Green Genes 
4 Little Umbrellas 
5 The Gumbo Variations 
6 It Must Be A Camel 

Sugar Cane Harris  (violin) 
Jean Luc Ponty  (violin) 
John Guerin  (drums) 
Paul Humphrey  (drums) 
Ron Selico  (drums) 
Max Bennett  (bass) 
Shuggy Otis  (bass) 
Ian Underwood  (piano, organ, flute, clarinet, sax) 
Frank Zappa  (guitar, octave bass, percussion)
Brilliant solo album by America's most outrageous and controversial rock musician.  This is regarded as his finest work, capturing his genius in songwriting and the instrument, the guitar.

It's A Beautiful Day 
1968  USA 
LP:  Columbia 9768 

David La Flamme  (flute, violin) 
Linda La Flamme  (keyboards) 
Val Fuentes  (drums) 
Pattie Santos  (vocals) 
Hal Wagenet  (guitar, vocals) 
Michael Holman  (harmonica, vocals, bass) 
Bruce Steinberg  (harmonica) on Hot Summer Day 

1  White Bird  (6:06) 
2  Hot Summer Day  (5:46) 
3  Wasted Union Blues  (4:00) 
4  Girl With No Eyes  (3:49) 
5  Bombay Calling  (4:26) 
6  Bulgaria  (6:10) 
7  Time Is  (9:42) 

Features the classically-influenced La Flamme and the magical voice of Santos, blending nicely on White Bird, Hot Summer Day and Girl With No Eyes.

Bread, Love and Dreams
1971  UK 
LP:  Decca SKL 5081 

Carolyn Davis  (guitar, vocals) 
David McNiven  (vocals, keyboards, guitar) 
Angie Rew  (vocals, flute) 

1 Amaryllis 
2 Time's The Thief 
3 My Stair-Cupboard At 3 A.M. 
4 Brother John 
5 Circle Of Night 

Pleasant folk-rock album with psychedelic overtones and 'flower-power' influence.

Hamburger Concerto 
1974 Netherlands 
CD:  EMI Holland (CDM 7 48860 2) 

Thijs Van Leer  (flute, keyboards, vocals) 
Jan Akkerman  (guitar) 
Bert Ruiter (bass) 
Colin Allen  (drums) 

1 Delita Musicae  (1:13) 
2 Harem Scarem  (5:52) 
3 La Cathedrale De Strasbourg  (4:59) 
4 Birth  (7:46) 
5 Hamburger Concerto  (20:19) 
6 Early Birth  (2:54) 

Inspiring, heavily classical and jazz-oriented work driven by the talented guitarist, Jan Akkerman and flautist / keyboardist / vocalist extraordinaire Thijs Van Leer.  This undoubtedly jam-packed their finest moments in one album.

1978-1982  UK 
CD:  1990 

Phil Miller  (guitar) 
Alan Gowen  (moog, electric & acoustic piano) 
Neil Murray  (bass) 
John Mitchell  (percussion, temple blocks, guava, congas) 
Amanda Parsons  (vocals) 
Jimmy Hastings  (flute, clarinets, bass clarinet) 
John Greaves  (bass, piano innards) 
Georgie Born  (cellos) 
Paul Nieman  (trombones) 
Phil Minton  (trumpet) 
Selwyn Baptiste  (steel drums) 
Keith Thompson  (oboe)
Peter Blegvad  (voice) 
Rick Biddulph  (bass, organ) 
Ted Emmett  (trumpet) 
Annie Whitehead  (trombone) 
Barbara Gaskin  (backing vocals) 
Elton Dean  (saxello) 
Richard Sinclair  (vocals) 
Dave Stewart  (organ, electric & acoustic piano, clavinet, minimoog) 
Pip Pyle  (drums, percussion, handclaps, cowbell, glockenspiel, finger cymbals, shaker, bells, pixiephone, tambourine & gong) 

A double-cd release containing all their three albums, National Health (1977), Of Queues And Cures (1978) and D.S. al Coda (1982).  An offshoot of the 'Canterbury' scene, this is jazz-oriented progressive rock at its finest.